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  Prokultura - Observatory of Cultural Policies - Split


     The objectives of our activities:


  •    The goal of the Observatory is to influence the awareness of the population about the multilayered culture as our primary development resource.
       Seeks to put culture at the center of concern and discussion, especially about becoming aware and cultivate their own identity and culture and present their diversity as a pledge and a healthy foundation and equal communication with its neighbors and the world, with themselves and their future.
  • Monitors and promotes closer cultural practice, theory and policy at local, regional, national and international level. Also includes support for the development of all forms of cultural creativity and especially the cultural and arts education and the preservation of cultural heritage. Through the dissemination of culture and education will continue to assist the recognition of talent and making the audience.
  •    Particular attention is paid to monitoring the decentralization of cultural policies through research, organizing meetings, seminars, conferences and study and constant exchange of information, so favoring the role of cities and counties, or regions, and encouraging cooperation among them. One of the tasks is to broaden cooperation with foreign countries, especially the cooperation with the European Community and the Council of Europe with a focus on education aimed at all employees in the cultural, educational and administrative institutions.
  • Prokultura is the member of ENCATC. Encatc More


The Days of French culture ended with the great final performance:

The 20th edition of the Soirée de la Chanson Française


The 20th edition of the Soirée de la Chanson Française was held in the city of Split, on December the 2nd of the 2013. The concert hall DHV Poljud was the place to be that evening. Nine young performers participated in the contest for great prizes, singing classics as well as some representative tunes of the modern French production.IMG 2812

The Grand Prize of the jury went to Duje Burić, who came to claim his prize all the way from Switzerland, where he studies for his doctoral degree. His rendition of “L’essentiel,” song made famous by Ginette Reno, won him a scholarship from the French Embassy in Croatia, and a glass sculpture titled Jadran (Adriatic), made by sculptor Julijana Voloder.IMG 2548

The Second Prize of the jury was awarded to Marina Lampalov, a young professor from Split, and her impressive version of “La Chanson des Vieux Amants,” one of the pearls from the Jacques Brel heritage, thereby winning a yearlong French language course at the Alliance Française of Split.

IMG 2575The Third Prize of the jury also stays in Split, Croatia. A six months course of French language at the Alliance Française of Split went to Edita Kolombo, a student who set the whole hall to motion with her splendid cover of the tune “Les Yeux Doux.”

IMG 2801The audience also got to choose their favourite, and Julijana Vujević received most of their votes, thanks to her presentation of “Toi et Moi,” the unforgettable hit by Mireille Mathieu. This also happened to be Julijana’s birthday, and together with a generous gift voucher from the Karla shop, a nicer birthday outcome would be hard to imagine.


           The second part of the program, a revue show, saw the Amis de la Chanson in action. These musicians are members of the eponymous section of the Prokultura-Split Association, which is the very organizer of the entire string of events promoting the French culture, which the Soirée de la Chanson Française is a part of. With their choice of songs and their impeccable performance, they confirmed once more the highest ratings they are constantly given by Croatian music celebrities and the enchanted audiences. Their longtime work with French and Croatian masters of stage presentation, among which Caroline Personne and Doris Dragović hold special places, shows the real importance of education in profiling top-notch talents.

Maestro Jurica Karuza, who arranged the performed songs, provided great leading for the backing musicians. This time, together with Mr. Karuza on the keyboard, Vinko Didović on the accordion, and Jadran Dučić – Čićo on the drums, were there for our listening pleasure.IMG 2546

The announcers were a Croatian-French tandem, Ana Opačak and Michel Forissier, a Frenchman with a Croatian address. Their charm and easygoing approach hit the audience in the right spot. Ana, also the most awarded member of the Amis de la Chanson, closed the show with her memorable presentation of “Padam Padam,” dedicated to Edith Piaf. Namely, this year’s events were also a type of tribute to the late queen of the French chanson, honoring the 50th anniversary of her untimely death.IMG 2824

Celebration and merrymaking were the trademarks of this Evening of friendship, togetherness and art.






The 20th edition of the Soirée de la Chanson Française - PHOTO GALLERY

Video of the 20th edition of the Soirée de la Chanson Française